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Happenings at TWC

Virtual Tastings
September 14, 2020 | Virtual Tastings

Virtual Club Wine Tasting - September White Wines

Dr. Carl and Chuck taste and discuss the new white wines for September Club!  Continue »

Virtual Tastings
September 13, 2020 | Virtual Tastings

Virtual Club Wine Tasting - September

Martin and Dave our GM taste and discuss the new red wines for September Club!  Continue »

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4.0 Insider
September 9, 2020 | 4.0 Insider

Y’all Come Back Now, Ya Hear?

It’s been a long six months here at 4.0, and in that time, we’ve cleaned like our lives depend on it, engaged in “wine therapy coloring,” offered online specials, rearranged furniture in our main tasting room, started Facebook Live wine and food pairings, sold lots of to-go bottles both in our tasting room and in the parking lot, cleaned some more, held three slightly-different-than-normal-but-still-fun Club Sundays, reorganized the warehouse, completed a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle in one day, mulched many garden beds, reached out to some of our long-term club members, cleaned again, moved the furniture again, and waited on pins and needles for word from our governor and TABC. And this entire time, all we’ve really wanted to do is serve wine.  Continue »

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Carl Hudson
September 2, 2020 | Carl Hudson

Wine Club Selections for Sep-2020

The 2020 Corona virus pandemic and quarantine that essentially shut down businesses, including winery tasting rooms, just seems to go ON and ON. However, there was recent progress on opening as TABC issued some new rules related to sales of food and non-wine items that would allow for modified opening of many tasting rooms. (Can you understand this – I can’t! How can a virus tell the difference between a person just tasting wine vs one who is tasting wine but also purchased food?) 4.0 Cellars has applied for an updated permit under these new rules, and some forms of “normal” operation are returning. The September, 2020, Wine Club pickup parties will be held, probably under a limited format similar to that used in June. Information about the Wine Club pickup party, and a form to make reservations should be forthcoming to Wine Club members very soon.  Continue »

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Virtual Tastings
August 30, 2020 | Virtual Tastings

Virtual Tasting #3 All Reds

Caroline and Martin will guide you through three of some of our favorite red wines here at 4.0 Cellars. The Chef Amber has paired these wines with a yummy three course dinner that is VERY easy and can be prepared mostly on your grill.  Continue »

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4.0 Insider
August 26, 2020 | 4.0 Insider

Grab a Glass of Wine…It’s Movie Time!

There’s nothing like a good movie night, and a glass (OK, bottle…who am I kidding?) of wine makes it that much better. Read on to see the “Scoop’s” recommendations for some classic movie and wine pairings.  Continue »

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Carl Hudson
August 19, 2020 | Carl Hudson

4.0 Cellars Grape Harvest 2020

Those of you who have visited or even driven by 4.0 Cellars probably noticed grape vines growing near Hwy 290, in front of the three Logo tanks at the entrance to the tasting room and patio area. These are mostly Black Spanish, or Lenoir, vines, a hybrid grape that grows well in the hot, more humid climates of Texas. The original vines were planted in 2013 by folks from Lost Oak Winery, one of our partner/owners, and were intended to be a “show” vineyard, a garden really, so that visitors could see and appreciate grapevines. Over the past few years, several vines have died and been replaced with Tannat and Tempranillo, creating what is now a field blend vineyard.  Continue »

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4.0 Insider
August 12, 2020 | 4.0 Insider

Making the Most of It

To say that our current situation “stinks” is kind of an understatement. Like all tasting rooms in the Texas wine country, here at 4.0, we’ve spent the past month or so trying to decipher messages from the governor, TABC, and TWGGA (Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association) about what we can and can’t do in terms of serving and selling wine.  Continue »

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Carl Hudson
August 5, 2020 | Carl Hudson

Developing Virtual Tastings for 2020

During this strange and restrictive Coronavirus shutdown of winery tasting rooms, several new approaches, including on-line purchases, direct shipping, and curbside pickup, have been taken to keep businesses operating and provide Texas wines to fans, interested customers, and loyal wine club members. After a couple of starts and stops that allowed limited customer tasting opportunities, the most recent TABC (Governor Abbott) edict has clamped down to eliminate any on-premise consumption on a winery’s property. Even though we are all capable of managing a clean, healthy environment and social distancing requirements, the shutdown restrictions remain despite our most fervent protests.  Continue »

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Virtual Tastings
August 1, 2020 | Virtual Tastings

Virtual Tasting #2 White Wines

Our very own Caroline and Martin will lead you through the tasting. We have paired two bites with each of these wines. One quick pantry snack item you mostly have on hand and the other bite has been created by our Chef Amber.  Continue »

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