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Carl Hudson
September 8, 2022 | Carl Hudson

Wine Club Releases for September-2022

It’s been a long hot summer and I know that you, like me, are excited to see some cooler weather in September. The September Texas Wine Collective Wine Club Release and Pick-up Events, are scheduled for Sundays, 11-Sep and 18-Sep, with 11:00-1:30 or 2:30-5:00 sessions. The format will remain consistent with the opportunity to taste all 6 dry wines, red and white, along with 3 small-bite food pairings. Or, club members and their guests may visit the Wine Club Lounge to choose a complimentary single glass of wine from the release list. There is also the option to taste the sweet wines if that is your club selection.


Two guest attendees are allowed (total of 4 adult attendees per wine club membership) – with advance reservations. Look for Wine Club emails and announcements, make your reservations, and join us at Texas Wine Collective for the September-2022 Wine Club release.  More information is available on the website – www.texaswinecollective.com. 


The TWC winery partners, Brennan Vineyards, Lost Oak Winery, and McPherson Cellars, are pleased to offer the following wines for the September, 2022, TWC Wine Club Release.


Allocation Selection: R=Red, M=Mixed, W=White, S=Sweet


The Reds in this allocation include two fuller-bodied wines in anticipation of fall activities – Brennan Vineyards Graciano and Lost Oak Winery Merlot – along with a delicious lighter red from McPherson Cellars, to enjoy on warmer fall days.


Brennan Vineyards Graciano 2019 TX High Plains                                                                    R/M

Grape(s): Graciano 79% and Carmenere 13%, Lahey Vyd, Brownfield, TX, Terry Cty; Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Soleado Vyd, Seagraves, TX, Gaines Cty, and 4% Comanche Vyd, Comanche Cty, TX
Mechanically harvested; cuvées fermented separately in SS tanks or macrobins with daily punchdowns; average 16 months aging in mostly used American and French oak barrels; blended and bottled at 14.2% ABV, 0% RS (dry)
Graciano is a grape variety grown in the north-central regions of Spain and used primarily for blending with Tempranillo. Todd Webster, winemaker, has used Graciano before in blends like the Winemakers Choice VI (18% 2019 Graciano), and here he highlights this less common grape in a blend that contains greater than 75% Graciano so it can carry the variety name on the label. Lahey Vineyard is the largest in Texas at well-over 1,000 acres and is the state’s primary source for Graciano (and Carmenere). Graciano wines are typically darker in color and deeper in black cherry and plum flavors than Tempranillo. This blend is purple-black in color; boysenberry, cherry cola, and white pepper aromas with saddle leather, dark chocolate and caramel notes; flavors of blackberry cobbler and bacon with hints of woodsmoke; medium-plus weight and ample ripe tannins at the well-structured finish. Pair with queso flameado, beef tri-tip, and smoky Texas BBQ ribs.

Lost Oak Winery Merlot 2020 TX High Plains                                                                             R/M

Grape(s): Merlot 100%, Diamante Doble Vyds, Tokio, TX, Terry Cty
Various cuvées fermented in SS tank; aged 18 mo in mix of French and American oak barrels with just a touch of cherry wood; bottled @ 14% ABV, 0.0% RS (dry)
Merlot is the most widely grown grape variety in the Bordeaux region of France, and, almost surprisingly, has found a home in Texas, producing delicious varietal bottlings or Bordeaux-style blends. Merlot is the primary grape in the East or Right Bank (of the Garonne River) region of Bordeaux and is typically blended with Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Winemaker Jim Evans has a long history of producing delicious Merlot wines – remember the wonderful Double Diamond bottlings from several years past? Jet Wilmeth grows top-quality Merlot fruit in his Diamante Doble Vineyard in Tokio, TX (over 3,500 ft above sea level), about ten miles west of Brownfield and only 50 miles from the New Mexico border. Merlot is noted for rich black cherry aromas and flavors with subtle hints of fresh garden herbs. The finish offers moderate tannins and notes of black tea leaves. Pair with rich cheeses, chicken and pasta dishes, smoked pork ribs, chopped brisket or bacon macaroni and cheese, and rosemary shortbread bars with dark chocolate..

McPherson Cellars Tre Colore 2021 TX High Plains                                                                      R

Grape(s): Cinsault 71%, Carignan 22%, and Viognier 7%, Texas High Plains vineyards
Fermented 10 days in SS tank at 85oF; wine pressed from the skins and aged 6 months in SS tanks; blended and bottled @13.2% ABV, 0.4% residual sugar (essentially dry)
Tre Colore, or “three colors,” is a blend of three Rhône Valley-origin grape varieties that grow well in Texas. Aged in SS-only to preserve the freshest fruit aromas and flavors of red cherry, wild berry, and plum, this is a lighter styled red that can be enjoyed slightly chilled – perfect for Texas hot weather picnics and patio parties. Enjoy by itself or with burgers, grilled salmon, ham and cheese sandwiches, and grilled chicken chef salads.


The Whites in this allocation include a rich, fuller-bodied Roussanne from Lost Oak and two bright, fresh blends from Lost Oak and McPherson.


Float Blanc 2021 TX High Plains (by McPherson Cellars)                                                              W

Grape(s): Viognier 35%, Chenin Blanc 27%, Albarino 21%, and Roussanne 17%, sourced from Lahey and Castano Prado Vyds, Brownfield, TX, Terry Cty
Fermented 27 days at 58oF in SS tank; aged only in SS tank; bottled @ 12.7% ABV, 0.4% RS (essentially dry)
Kim McPherson and Spenser Igo, winemakers, produce this fun blend just for Texas Wine Collective. These grape varieties have origins in France. Viognier and Roussanne originated in the Rhône Valley of southern France, while Chenin Blanc originated in the Loire Valley of northwestern France. Albarino is the key white grape variety in the Spanish region of Galicia, often called “green Spain” as a result of significant rainfall due to its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. All of these varieties grow extremely well on the Texas High Plains and Kim is a master at making delicious white wines from such grapes. The apple, pear, peach, and citrusy Meyer lemon aromas and flavors allow this wine to pair beautifully with most seafood, especially grilled, sausage and seafood paella, avocado stuffed with chicken salad, goat cheese on toast or in salads, and macaroni and cheese.

Lost Oak Winery Roussanne Reserve 2021 TX High Plains                                                    W/M

Grape(s):  Roussanne 100%, Six Harts Vyd/Diamante Doble Vyds, Tokio, TX, Terry Cty
Mechanically harvested fruit was fermented cold in SS tank; aged for 6 months – 40% in new French oak barrels, 30% in neutral oak barrels, and 30% in SS tanks. The wine was bottled @ 14.3% ABV, 0% RS (dry)
Roussanne is a French Rhône Valley-origin variety that has become a key white grape in Texas producing fuller bodied wines with depth and richness similar to Chardonnay. The name derives from the French word “roux” meaning rusty or reddish-brown which relates to the grape skin color when the fruit is ripe. Many winemakers, like Jim Evans, use oak barrel fermentation and/or aging to give these wines more Chardonnay-like character - subtle vanilla, baking spices, and buttered toast aromas and flavors with subtle smoke notes. This fruit came from two vineyards located across the county-line road from each other – Diamante Doble Vyd in western Terry County and Six Harts Vyd in eastern Yoakum County (both managed by Jet Wilmeth). This pairs beautifully with rich cheeses, shrimp, lobster, creamy risotto or pasta dishes, and gingerbread or buttery shortbreads.

Lost Oak Winery Quartet 2021 Texas (High Plains)                                                                      W

Grape(s): Viognier 64%, Diamante Doble Vyds, Tokio, TX, Terry Cty; Trebbiano 24%, Paka Family Vyd, Brownfield, TX, Terry Cty; Chardonel 8% and Malvasia Bianca 4%, Lost Oak Vyd, Burleson, TX, Johnson Cty
Mechanically harvested, pressed, fermented cold at 52oF; aged about 6 mo in SS tank with no malolactic transformation; blended and bottled @ 14% ABV, 0% RS (dry)
Jim Evans and Angela Chapman, LOW winemakers, just had fun blending these grapes to produce a bright white wine with a diverse range of aromas and flavors – aromas of green apple, white peach, and honey; flavors of pear and orange melon; and a crisp finish with key lime and grapefruit notes. Pair with citrus-marinated shrimp cocktail, seafood paella, chicken carbonara, portobello mushrooms in white wine sauce, and white chocolate panna cotta.


The Sweets in this allocation include a very refreshing semi-sweet Gewurztraminer from Lost Oak, the popular Dolce Rouge sweet red from Lost Oak, and a true dessert wine, Fleur D’Oranger, from McPherson Cellars.


Lost Oak Winery Gewurztraminer 2021 Texas High Plains                                                           S

Grape(s): Gewurztraminer 100% from Diamante Doble Vyd, Tokio, TX, Terry Cty
Fruit was mechanically harvested, fermented cold in SS tanks; sweetened, stabilized, and bottled @ 13.8% ABV, 1.0% RS (semi-sweet)
Prounounced “guh-voorts-trah-mean-er” – fun, huh? The grape originated in Germany and is extensively grown in the Alsace region of eastern France. Dry, semi-sweet, and very sweet wines can be made from this versatile grape that offers aromas and flavors of fresh flowers, lychee fruit, and ripe pineapple. The wine is gently crisp on the finish with a hint of sweetness and key lime. Pair with fruit and honey crostini, Mediterranean couscous with roasted vegetables, Moroccan chicken tangine, Hawaiian pizza, summer fruit salads, and lychee/pineapple bread pudding.

Lost Oak Winery Dolce Rouge Non-Vintage Texas                                                                        S

Grape(s): Merlot 75% and Petite Sirah 25%, sourced from various Texas vineyards
Mechanically harvested fruit; fermented cold; aged in SS tank or used American and French oak barrels; sweetened, stabilized, and bottled @ 14% ABV, 5% RS (sweet)
This wine is fruity and smooth with a dark hue. Aromas include chocolate and raspberry with notes of baking spices. Drink this chilled or made into sangria. Pairs with loaded baked potato skins, bacon wrapped-cream cheese stuffed jalapeno peppers, spicy Thai or Mexican fare, and chocolate pie or S’mores.

McPherson Cellars Fleur D’Oranger 2017 TX High Plains                                                            S

Grape(s):  Orange Muscat 100% sourced from Blackwater Draw Vyds, Terry County, TX
Late harvested at 29oBrix (% sugar); fermented cold 6 days before neutral grape spirits were added to arrest fermentation and raise the alcohol level. Aged in bottle 24 mo before release.  Bottled @ 17.4% ABV, 15% RS (very sweet dessert wine)
Tasting Notes:  Honeyed sweetness with spicy apricot and orange marmalade flavors. This is dessert by itself or can accompany most any dessert you choose.  


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