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September 15 - 2:30pm-5pm

Sunday, September 15, 2024

September 15 - 2:30pm-5pm
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Club Sunday Policies and Procedures

1. 4 Parties in 2 Days - Choose your session 
Each Club Sunday offers two sessions: 11 am-1:30 pm and 2:30 pm-5 pm. Members are asked to arrive during their designated timeframe and enjoy the property.

2.  Up to 4 Adult Guests per Membership                                         
Each session's attendance will be capped so reservations are required. As always, we can facilitate pick-up requests 7 days a week if you cannot attend a Club Sunday event.

3.  Food and Wine Pairing Experience
Members will be offered a tasting flight of 6 of our current releases. Three wine/cider stations will also showcase a food pairing to accompany the wine/cider selection. Additional glass/bottle purchases will be permitted. Members wishing to partake in a glass solely will still have that option.

4.  Wine Discount & Special Offer
Members and their guests can use our 30% off Club Sunday discount on any wines purchased.  The Wine Club Team will have a “Special Day-of Offer” at the warehouse.

5. No-Call/No-Show Fee
Due to the large number of RSVPs that do not show on Club Sunday and the loss of catering costs, we are implementing a $15 no-call/no-show fee.  Beginning June 2024, member accounts will be assessed a no-show fee for those registered who do not attend.