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September 9, 2020 | Cellar Scoop | 4.0 Insider

Y’all Come Back Now, Ya Hear?

It’s been a long six months here at 4.0, and in that time, we’ve cleaned like our lives depend on it, engaged in “wine therapy coloring,” offered online specials, rearranged furniture in our main tasting room, started Facebook Live wine and food pairings, sold lots of to-go bottles both in our tasting room and in the parking lot, cleaned some more, held three slightly-different-than-normal-but-still-fun Club Sundays, reorganized the warehouse, completed a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle in one day, mulched many garden beds, reached out to some of our long-term club members, cleaned again, moved the furniture again, and waited on pins and needles for word from our governor and TABC. And this entire time, all we’ve really wanted to do is serve wine.

Well, now we get to do just that! After some weeks of uncertainty (er, confusion), we’re back up and running, though still at only 50% capacity. But we’ll take what we can get!

While there are some things we still aren’t doing (filling to 100% capacity, moving the outdoor furniture that is strategically placed for social distancing, serving groups of more than 10…they have to split up), here’s a rundown of what you can expect when you get back out here to see us:

Tastings with a Tasting Room Associate: We’re back to doing our “regular” tastings with one-ounce pours of our usual flights: Reserve Red (5 dry reds), Cellar Select (2 dry whites, 3 dry reds), and Light and Sweet (5 sweeter wines). The only difference is that we’ll likely ask you to take a seat as we pour wines for you. Not too shabby!

Self-Guided Tastings: This is the new kid on the block around here, and it’s turning out to be quite popular. Just as with our regular tastings, you get to choose from three flights. Regardless of the flight you choose, you’ll try three wines, but you’ll get two-ounce pours of each rather than just one. Once your wines are poured, you can find a seat outside and enjoy them at your own pace. We provide notes on each wine to give you an idea of what you’ll find on the nose and the palate.

Bottle Sales: As always, you can purchase a bottle (or bottles…why stop at just one?) to enjoy on our grounds, on your grounds, or anywhere else you like/want/need to drink wine.

And For Our Wine Club Members: If you’re not yet a member, be sure to join our wine club so that you can enjoy either a complimentary glass of wine or tasting (associate led or self guided). We’re pouring wine by the glass for members only. As well, our members-only Wine Club Lounge is now open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays…though the remaining Sundays in September are Wine Club parties for members only (make your reservations now!).

And while you’re here, be sure to order one of our new charcuterie plates. Small or large, you’ll sample cheeses from multiple Texas creameries, a meat or two, fruit, nuts, olives, bread, and genuine Texas olive oil in a flavor of your choosing. These plates are so good that we’ve routinely been selling out of them. And be on the lookout for more food options coming soon!

It’s a great time to visit 4.0. The heat is breaking, and because September is a Wine Club month for us, we’re releasing a bunch of new wines. So come on out, and enjoy your new favorite Merlot by Lost Oak or McPherson’s newest top-notch white or Brennan’s much-anticipated Winemaker VI. Whatever your preference, we’ve got a wine for you, and we’re ready to pour it! 


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