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April 15, 2020 | Cellar Scoop | 4.0 Insider

Wine and What You’re Watching Now

If you’re like most of my friends and me (and apparently the rest of the world), you’re spending at least part of your “corona time” watching movies and TV shows. During these uncertain times, it can be comforting to lose yourself in fictional stories and other people’s lives (the crazier, the better). And there are some pretty great shows to choose from these days.

And like me (and most of my friends), you’re probably consuming a little more wine than you usually do. After all, wine drinking is a great way to pass the time…and many of us have a lot more time now than we usually do. Plus, enjoying a glass of wine can alleviate stress and provide relaxation.

So, it makes sense that combining a good show with a great wine would be doubly soothing. But which wines should we be pairing with which movies and TV shows? Well, I put together a panel of avid TV watchers and committed wine drinkers, and here are the pairings you need to try now:

Breaking Bad: Brennan Vineyards Protectors (wine made to honor a Texas Ranger serves as a great counterbalance with the story of Walter White)

Outlander: McPherson Cellars Cream Sherry (and you should definitely discuss the episode in a British accent)

Dexter: McPherson Cellars La Diosa Sangria (panel’s choice…not sure why)

Longmire: Lost Oak Winery Cabernet Franc (so smooth…Sheriff Walt AND the wine)

The Great British Baking Show: Brennan Vineyards Prickly Poppy (all those British desserts need something bubbly…and here’s another chance to practice your British accent)

Workin’ Moms: Brennan Vineyards Three White Chicks (obvious choice here…friends balancing working and motherhood need an “easy” drinking wine)

Ozark: 4.0 Viognier 2016 (pretty sure this is exactly what Wendy Byrde drinks in every episode)

Little Fires Everywhere: Lost Oak Winery Blanc Du Bois (fancy character calls for a fancy wine)

Schitt’s Creek: McPherson Cellars Sparkling Wine (because David demands bubbles, right?)

LEGO Masters: Lost Oak Winery CranCouture (trust the panel…this will work)

West Wing: Brennan Vineyards Winemaker’s Choice (a good throwback needs a trusted wine)

The Voice: 4.0 Merlot (any vintage will do!)

And last but not least…

Tiger King: Brennan Vineyards Mistelle (just seems fitting to balance the mayhem and murder with something super sweet)

Now, grab your wine, get on that sofa, and let the viewing begin! Tomorrow, you can go on a long walk to balance it all out.


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