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Carl Hudson
November 9, 2016 | Wine Club | Carl Hudson

Wine Club Release – Nov-2016

Another fun set of wines has been collected for the 4.0 Cellars Wine Club Members in the November, 2016, allocation.  At a recent staff meeting, all nine of the release wines were tasted, and everyone was asked to provide their opinion on one or two favorites.   Below are some comments based on these staff opinions.   

First, let’s discuss the red wines in this release, one from each of the Parent wineries.  The fifth vintage of Brennan Tempranillo leads the charge, and the traditional Holiday Red from Lost Oak Winery returns.  Although wine in wide Texas distribution is not normally a candidate for a 4.0 Cellars Wine Club allocation, McPherson Cellars 2015 Tre Colore blend is such a great match for holiday fare, that it has been included.  These wines are good, and will make our red wine Club Members very happy.  Here is the list. 

Brennan Vineyards Tempranillo 2014 Texas                                                              

Grape(s):  Tempranillo 83% and Petite Sirah 17%, Newburg Estate Vyd., Comanche County, TX. 

Fermented cold in SS tank, aged 18 mo. in American and French oak, 13.6% ABV, pH 3.66, 0.1% RS (dry)
This 5th vintage for Brennan Tempranillo was marked by an April frost event that dramatically reduced yields.  The surviving fruit was of excellent quality and produced this exceptional wine loaded with cherry aromas, tart blackberry flavors and notes of toasty oak, leather and pipe tobacco. 

McPherson Cellars Tre Colore (Red) 2015 Texas                                                           

Grape(s):  Cinsault 50%, Carignan 40% and Viognier 10%, sourced from Castano Prado and Lost Draw Vineyards near Brownfield in Terry County
A short, warm fermentation in SS tank was followed by aging in SS tank (no oak treatment), 13.9% ABV, pH 3.68, 0.4% RS (essentially dry)
This Rhône-style blend exhibits bright, juicy aromas and flavors of cherry and cranberry with a soft profile, moderate tannins and balanced acidity.  This popular McPherson wine makes its first appearance in a 4.0 Cellars Wine Club allocation. 

Lost Oak Winery Holiday (Red) 2015 TX High Plains                                                 

Grape(s):  Merlot 47% & Tempranillo 15%, Bingham Family Vyds, Meadow;    Ruby Cabernet 38%, Krick Hill Vyd., Levelland. 
Fermented in SS tank and aged 14 mo. in American and French oak, 13.6% ABV, 1.5% RS (slightly sweet)
This festive blend is a holiday tradition from Lost Oak Winery.  Showing lots of bright red fruit aromas and flavors, this wine is finished with a hint of sweetness to accompany a wide range of holiday fare, from turkey and ham, to cornbread dressing and sweet potato casserole. 

The white wines in this release represent a good follow-up to the September, 2016, allocation.  Kim McPherson has produced yet another outstanding Chenin Blanc, this time a sparkling wine that is an absolute winner.  Even with 2.5% residual sugar, the bright, crisp acidity keeps this sparkler from actually tasting sweet, and propels the wine in a swirling dance across the palate.  Don’t miss this one.  Brennan Vineyards is releasing a terrific Roussanne sourced from Reddy Vineyards, east of Brownfield in Terry County.  And, from Lost Oak Winery comes the 2015 Saku White sourced from Jet Wilmeth’s Diamante Doble Vyd. near Tokio (west of Brownfield in Terry County). 

4.0 Cellars Roussanne 2015 TX High Plains (by Brennan Vyds.)                                  

Grape(s):  Roussanne 100%, Reddy Vyds., west of Brownfield (Terry County) 
Fermented cold in SS tank; some oak treatment during aging; 13.0% ABV (essentially dry)
This terrific wine by head winemaker, Todd Webster, is pale straw in color and offers aromas of key lime, apple and orange blossom.  Medium-to-full body with rich favors of ripe peach and toasted hazelnuts.  A silken mouthfeel and balanced acids make this a fun wine to sip or serve with food. 

Lost Oak Winery Saku White 2015 TX High Plains                                                     

Grape(s):  Riesling 50% and Orange Muscat 50%, Jet Wilmeth’s Diamante Doble Vyd. near Tokio (west of Brownfield in Terry County)
Fermented cold & aged 12 mo in SS tank; 12.7% ABV, 1.0% RS (hint of sweet)
Crisp and light-bodied, this wine offers aromas of ripe golden apple and key lime.  Bright acidity makes for a lively, succulent finish.  Saku is the Caddo Indian word for Sun, a key feature in the Caddo creation story.  Lost Oak Winery is proud to honor Caddo Nation traditions and culture. 

McPherson Cellars Sparkling Wine N.V. Texas                                                             

Grape(s):  Chenin Blanc 100%, Bobby Cox’s Vasquez Vyd. north of Lubbock, and Lepard Vyd. near Brownfield. 
Fermented cold in SS tank; second fermentation in Charmat (pressurized) tank; 12.9% ABV, 2.5% RS, pH 3.25, 8.5 g/100 mL acidity (medium sweet)
This delicious sparkling wine, made by the McPherson brothers, brings bright acidity and a delicate sweetness, reminiscent of the great Chenin Blanc sparklers from Loire Valley, France.  Lively acidity dances on the palate and enlivens crisp apple flavors in this special offering. 

The sweet wine selections include a red, white and rosé.  Lost Oak Winery introduces their 2015 Dolce Rouge blend that will make a great match for many of this season’s holiday dishes.  The Vintage Lane Sweet Moscato, by Lost Oak Winery, should satisfy those that enjoy the lighter, sweeter side of life.  Rounding out this group is the Austin Street Comanche Rose, by Brennan Vineyards.  This wine has been called a “porch pounder” and can serve as a classic movie-watching wine for those still-a-bit-warm Texas fall & winter evenings. 

Lost Oak Winery Dolce Rouge 2015 TX High Plains                                                       

Grape(s):  Ruby Cabernet 60%, Krick Hill Vyd., Levelland; Merlot 20%, Bingham Family Vyds., Meadow; Tempranillo 20%, Bingham Family Vyds, Meadow. 
Fermented cold in SS tank; aged 12 mo. in SS tank with no oak treatment; sweetened at bottling to 4% R.S., 14.3% ABV.  (sweet)
This medium-bodied sweet red is fruity and smooth, with spice notes and good balance between the sugar and acidity.  A good choice for spicy, fiery cuisine or just simple winter sipping. 

Vintage Lane Sweet Moscato 2015 TX High Plains (by Lost Oak Winery)                         

Grape(s):  Muscat Canelli 100%, Jet Wilmeth’s Diamante Doble Vyd near Tokio, TX (west of Brownfield in Terry County)
Fermented cold & aged in SS tank; 12.6% ABV.  (sweet)
Intense aromas of wild flowers and pears rise from the glass.  Flavors of ripe pineapple, mango and green grapes follow.  An easy-drinking Texas muscat. 

Austin Street Comanche Rose 2015 TX High Plains (by Brennan Vyds)                            

Grape(s):  Cinsault 100%, Reddy Vyd. near Brownfield (Terry County)
Fermented cold & aged in SS tank; 13.0% ABV, 3.5% RS, pH 3.38

Pale coral color; aromas of lychee fruit and jasmine blossoms; flavors of anise, mint and jasmine; crisp acidity balances the pleasant level of sweetness.  A fun deck party wine or easy accompaniment to BBQ and grilled fare.  


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