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November 17, 2021 | Cellar Scoop | TWC Insider

Turkey Day Pairings: What’s on the Table?

I have fond memories of Thanksgiving meals with my extended family. Both of my grandmothers were talented cooks who spent much of their days (holiday or not) in their kitchens, making bread and preserves, “putting up” fruits and vegetables, and creating filling meals that made all of us unbutton our pants when the meal was done.

My maternal grandmother specialized in turkey, gravy, and oyster dressing. For many years, I was the only kid I knew who had eaten oysters. I didn’t realize that dressing doesn’t require oysters until I was an adult looking for my own dressing recipe.

My paternal grandmother specialized in cloverleaf rolls. They rose on the backseat while she and my grandfather drove from their small town in Oklahoma to our big city in Texas. They also brought with them various pies and cakes. One year, we had no desserts because our two dogs figured out how to get on the kitchen counter and ate all of them the night before Thanksgiving. That was a sad holiday…no desserts and very sick dogs. 

These days, my mother and I share most of the Thanksgiving cooking, though my husband tackles the turkey part of it. Like many, we spend hours peeling potatoes, slicing vegetables, boiling water, trying to figure out which dish goes in the oven when, arguing about whether or not it’s necessary to peel celery (it isn’t), and drinking wine (of course), and we’ve passed our recipes on to my daughter who loves making the mashed potatoes and pecan pie (along with bourbon whipped cream that we call “whoop cream”).  

A few years ago, we decided to branch out and add a new dish each year to our Thanksgiving table, so now it features Spinach Madeline and the Pioneer Woman’s macaroni and cheese (with some edits) and roasted Brussel sprouts (which my dad never eats). It also features both a white and a red wine. Our table is full…as we are by the day’s end.

Let’s take a look at what some of my TWC teammates are putting on their Thanksgiving tables and, more important, which wines they’re pairing with their favorite dishes.

Beth (getting the party started early, just in time to watch parades and football): McPherson Sparkling with a splash of OJ and a breakfast casserole

Angie: We will definitely have two kinds of turkey: roasted and deep fried! I've got the Lost Oak Holiday Red ready to pour!

Taryn: Cinnamon apple pie and Lost Oak Holiday White! 

Amber: Spinach soufflé. Every year we make it! Pairing it with McPherson’s Les Copains White.

Jon: Turkey and McPherson’s EVS Windblown Red

Stacey: Fresh green bean casserole. Not that canned stuff. Scalloped potatoes. Brennan or McPherson Viognier.

Kirk: Turkey and dressing with McPherson Chenin Blanc...unless there's homemade cranberry sauce. Then it's the Brennan '17 Cab Reserve. 

Jill: Turkey and the fixins will start with Brennan Viognier at 1 p.m., McPherson Windblown at 2, and Brennan Cab at 5 for leftovers...and the cherry pie!! Exquisite!!

Merryl: My daughter makes Sweet Potato Divine. I will pair it with McPherson Sparkling.

Bobbi: Terry's sweet potato casserole using Kahlua (no marshmallows!!)! Paired with the Lost Oak Merlot!

Craig: Turkey with McPhersons’ Marsanne Roussanne

Collin: We’re having turkey and dressing with my famous giblet gravy. So, I’m thinking McPherson Roussanne Reserve and Les Copain White & Rosé.

Sandy: Homemade macaroni and cheese with McPherson Viognier!

Patti: Prime rib! There are 3 bottles of Brennan’s Super Nero already packed in the truck for it!

Carl: Texas cornbread dressing with Jimmy Dean sage sausage and chopped spinach with the Brennan Vineyards Buffalo Roam Reserve

Sheri: We’re having smoked turkey with McPherson EVS Red.

So if you’re wondering which TWC wines to put on your Thanksgiving table this year, you’ve now got some good direction. If you need any of these wines, swing on by the tasting room or visit our online store (/Acquire). The turkey may come out dry and the bread might be burned, but there’s no excuse for not getting the wine right!


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