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May 15, 2019 | Cellar Scoop | 4.0 Insider

The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker

During my tenure at 4.0, I’ve seen lots of staff come and go…though most have come and stayed (I’ll get to why that is in an upcoming post). Some of our staff are “regulars” who work a few times each week, while others work only one or two Saturdays per month. Still, despite our varying schedules, we get to know one another and learn to appreciate our different styles and our shared love for all things wine and 4.0.

That said, recently I sent out a staff survey to do a little digging into my colleagues’ backgrounds and interests, and let me just say this: That person pouring your glass of wine may be much more interesting than he or she appears or lets on. Or maybe you already sensed that. But still, I think you’ll enjoy learning some of what I discovered about my colleagues.

Some of us have fully retired from our “previous lives.” While many of my colleagues are still gainfully employed during the week, among us you’ll find a retired firefighter, a couple of retired teachers, a former law clerk, a retired radio station manager, the former GM of Luckenbach, and a retired IBM-er. You’ll also find a gal who ran a foreign policy nonprofit in Washington, D.C. and worked for a U.S. Senator, a former Governor of Alaska, and a former Lt. Governor of Alaska. Not too shabby.

Among those of us still chugging away at our “day jobs,” you’ll find an insurance agent, a wedding planner, a high school teacher and coach, a graphic designer, a freelance writer, someone who does important stuff at the Kerrville State Hospital, and someone who does stuff with money that I don’t understand.

We also have quite a range of talents. Need a piece of stained glass art or a handmade candle? We’ve got you covered. Want a new quilt? We can arrange that. Want to hear more stories about wine? Belly up to our tasting bar. Want to catch up on some music? We’ve got a bagpiper and a drummer and a mandolin player and a singer…the makings of the next big band. Need a bowling partner? Look no further. Hungry for some tasty baked goods? Among us walks the reason that I’ve not yet met one weight loss goal this year.

When we’re not at 4.0, you’ll find us running, playing with grandkids, travelling, golfing, raising children, walking dogs, reading, volunteering, and, of course, DRINKING WINE. Whether 4.0 is our main gig or our side hustle, our staff comes with a wealth of experiences, interests, and talents. So, next time you visit, see if you can figure out who’s playing in a pick-up soccer game that week or who’s quietly analyzing you while you enjoy your wine. We may not let on, but you never know!


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