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October 16, 2019 | Cellar Scoop | 4.0 Insider

T-Shirts, Tutus, and Tiaras: Anything Goes at the Cellars

I spent this past weekend with a friend in New Orleans. At one point, we found ourselves gawking at a table full of expensive tiaras, surrounded by women trying them on. As we walked out of the store, my friend wondered who in the world needs a tiara…besides, of course, a princess. I had to laugh because I’ve actually seen a surprising number of tiaras in my time at 4.0. But I’ve seen much more than that in our tasting rooms, too.

We don’t have a dress code for customers at 4.0 (though, please do wear a shirt and shoes). Many of our customers are celebrating something important…an engagement, a birthday, retirement, an anniversary, upcoming nuptials…and their dress reflects that. Because it’s Texas, after all, so we also see a lot of people sporting attire representing their favorite sports teams…so LOTS of UT burnt orange (mentioned first for a reason), Tech red and black, and A&M maroon.

Several years ago when we still stayed open late on Fridays and our property was still surrounded by open fields, two gentlemen rode up on horses, tied the horses up to the posts out front, strolled into the tasting room decked out in full cowboy attire (spurs and all), and ordered a bottle of Shy Blush. You can’t make this stuff up. And yes, cowboy boots are in abundance in our tasting rooms because they go with everything: jeans, dresses, shorts, and tutus (not kidding).

Some groups get creative with matching wine-tasting apparel. This is true of bachelorette groups in particular. In one especially tasteful group, each gal wore a traditional Mexican shirt of a different color with the bride sporting a white one. We all thought they looked classy and fun.

Many bachelorette groups go for the “matching t-shirts with different wine slogans and boots” look. A sampling of slogans (judging by the results from my Internet search on this, wine tasting t-shirts are a booming industry):

This wine is making me awesome.
Wine gets better with age. I get better with wine.
Wine me up and watch me go.
Wine tasting is my sport.
Girls just want to have wine.
You had me at merlot.
Stop and smell the rosé.
I make pour decisions.
Hakuna moscato

A week or so ago, a fellow showed up wearing a long, curly, black wig with a matching moustache and a pair of very 70’s sunglasses. I’m still not sure what he was celebrating. And oddly, everyone else in his group was dressed pretty much as you’d expect for a day of wine tasting. Maybe he got his dates and events confused?

At 4.0, we don’t care that you’re sporting a seriously ugly Christmas suit or a tank top and a tutu or a top hat or a chicken costume or even a tiara. No matter what you’re wearing (aside from perhaps pajamas or a hospital gown), you’re welcome here. So, put on your favorite “wine wear,” and come on over! Oh, and stop and smell the rosé!


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