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April 17, 2019 | Cellar Scoop | 4.0 Insider

Springtime in Texas: Wildflowers and Wine

I feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t experienced the beauty of spring in the Texas Hill Country. Yes, the pollen is annoying (as are the allergies that come with it), and some days it’s hard to know how to dress (by my count, we just had our “fourth winter” of the year). But on the good days, it’s hard to beat our gentle breezes, warm sunshine, and of course, our flowers.

By now, many of the bluebonnets in the Fredericksburg city limits are past their prime. My own yard is covered with bluebonnets each spring, and they are truly gorgeous when they’re at their peak. But at this point, they’re drying out and getting ready to literally spit seeds. So, I’ve made our apologies to our neighbors: For one month of beauty, they’ll have to endure about six weeks of the very opposite.

But out of town, our roadsides are littered with bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes, firewheels, and some yellow flowers that I can never identify. My Facebook feed is littered, too, with pictures of people posing in all of these flowers (a true Texas tradition). We Texans take great pride in our springtime wildflowers.

At 4.0, we celebrate this time of year with our annual Wine and Wildflower Brunch. This year, we decided to add a “learn” component to this event, so on Saturday, April 13, 80 guests spent the first hour of the event tasting and learning about Texas rosés. During the second hour, they enjoyed a catered brunch, more wine, and lively conversation.

To prepare for the Wine and Wildflower Brunch, a few of us lucky 4.0 staff got to sample, compare, and discuss in advance our featured rosés: Brennan Vineyard’s 2017 Dry Rosé, 4.0 Cellar’s 2017 Mourvedre Rosé (made by Lost Oak Winery), McPherson Cellar’s 2017 EVS Windblown Rosé, and Brennan Vineyard’s 2016 Comanche Rose. We debated their aromas and flavors and shared our favorite food pairings for them. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday afternoon!

I love rosés, especially dry, crisp ones, and they really are the perfect accompaniment to our spring days and our Texas cuisine. It’s hard to beat shrimp cocktail and a good rosé. I enjoy rosé with migas, too. And sometimes (often), I keep it simple and pair a rosé with oxygen, a comfortable chair, and a good friend or two.

However you like to enjoy your rosé, come on out to 4.0 to take advantage of our fine spring weather and our selection of tasty rosés. We’ll save a chair for you!

If you weren’t able to attend this year’s Wine and Wildflower Brunch, don’t worry...we’ll do it again next year! And make sure to sign up for our Fall Brunch and Learn to be held on Saturday, November 9. More details to come!


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