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March 5, 2020 | Cellar Scoop | 4.0 Insider

Spring is Coming…and So Is a Great Event!

Every year about this time, I start yearning for spring. Despite my husband’s warnings that another freeze could be right around the corner, I take my plants back outside (even though we ALWAYS end up bringing them back inside), and I start shopping for new plants. I push my sweaters to the back of my closet and dust off my flip-flops (never mind that my toes will be cold until June). At the first hint of a warm day, I’m ready to be back outside on the patio, glass of white wine in my hand and dogs by my side.

This year, I’m feeling the arrival of spring at 4.0, too. This past Saturday, our front doors were wide open, and people lingered outside, playing yard games, sharing picnic foods, and listening to Gustavo Rodriguez.  Everything felt relaxed in a way that I never quite feel during the colder months (perhaps because I’m trying desperately to stay warm).

To be fair, winter was fun. We had some great events: two months of Club Sundays, our annual 4.0 staff holiday bash, our yearly visit from Santa for our Holiday Open House, Casino Night for our case club members (up your membership now to make sure you don’t miss my favorite event of the year). But, winter, it’s time to leave. Spring is knocking.

And with spring come more fun events. You can bring your dogs to the Cellars on March 22 for our annual Wags and Wine event benefitting the Hill Country SPCA, and we’ll have three Club Sundays starting on March 29. And of course, Saturdays at 4.0 mean live music and a food truck, so really, where else do you need to be?

But here’s the event I’m most interested in this spring: our Annual Wine and Wildflower Brunch & Learn. Last year’s event focused on rosés. Guests sampled four rosés while Martin and I walked them through some rosé basics and shared our thoughts on how to best enjoy these “of the moment” wines. The “learn portion” of the event led into the brunch when guests paired their favorite rosé with a catered meal. It was great fun, and I figured we’d do something like that again this year.

But a little bird has told me that we may be changing our Brunch & Learn this spring. I’m not at liberty to divulge any details just yet (believe me…I would if I could), but rest assured it will include great wines and tasty bites…and it will be something you won’t want to miss.


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