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November 4, 2020 | Cellar Scoop | 4.0 Insider

Now We Really Can Rosé All Day!

My husband and I have spent many hours in the past two months poring over interior design and furniture websites. While I’m certainly no designer and my husband surely would prefer to spend his time doing many other things, lately we’ve both felt compelled to change our home environment.

Why? Because COVID has given us ample time to consider things in our home that might not be working. Does our interior lighting match the age of our home? No. Do we really need a china cabinet? Does anyone? Should the furniture in our guest room at least try to match? Probably. If a chair hasn’t been reupholstered since I was 15, is this a good time to do it? For sure. Way past time.

The funny thing is that we’re not alone in our recent need to alter our space. Like us, many people I know are busy throwing things out, repurposing items they’ve had, replacing things that no longer work for them, and making new purchases. COVID has taken much away, but one thing it has given us is time to evaluate our surroundings, make plans to change them, and put those plans in motion.

Well, sort of put them in motion. As I write, there are three light fixtures in boxes in our guest room. Our living room consists of only three chairs, two of which don’t belong there. And our garage is filled with “furniture in transition” that is either ready to be permanently re-homed or is getting a much-needed facelift. Nevertheless, change is happening in our home. 

And so it is at 4.0. This year’s slow times, particularly during the spring and summer, gave our team loads of time to consider our buildings and grounds and reimagine how we use them. As a result, we now provide outdoor guided tastings on the event space patio. As well, we’ve changed where musicians play and have added seating with umbrellas along the sidewalk next to the field and picnic tables (also with umbrellas) toward the back of our property. In short, we’ve gotten more mindful of how we use our outdoor space, and it’s definitely paying off.

But the change that is creating the most buzz around here is a cozy, stylish room tucked at the back of our event space. A room made for relaxing and wine tasting, it’s the ideal setting for our new Rosé Room experience. For $35 per person, a group of eight (or fewer) can enjoy a splash of McPherson Cellars Sparkling Wine, a tasting of five more wines, and a cheese and charcuterie board while spinning classic records. It’s the perfect space for an intimate gathering of friends.

So, when you’re planning your next visit to 4.0, be sure to consider our Rosé Room. It’s just the relaxing, upscale wine experience you may be looking for. You won’t be disappointed!

Oh, and anyone need a china cabinet?


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