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February 5, 2020 | Cellar Scoop | 4.0 Insider

Meet Your 4.0 Leadership Team: Beth-o and Triple C

One of the great things about 4.0 is the diversity of people working here. I’m not gonna’ lie: We’re kind of a kooky group. We have young and old…and some in between. We have some who’ve lived in this area all their lives and some who found their way here (perhaps accidentally). We have some wine aficionados who are members of many wine clubs (including 4.0) and others who, quite honestly, would just as soon drink beer (or bourbon). And we have Beth (Beth-o) and Cristol (Triple C), two people who could not be more different from one another but who work together almost daily to steer our team in the right direction.

Beth and Cristol make up the lion’s share of our Leadership Team: Beth is our Tasting Room Manager while Cristol is our Wine Club Manager. And both have quite a lot on their plates. But before I get into specifics about them, let me take a moment to illustrate one of their most obvious differences.

Picture the three of us, sitting under an umbrella at 4.0, having a conversation:

Me: What did y’all do last night?

Cristol: Well, first I had to run to Fredericksburg to pick up some stuff at WalMart and visit my mom. She needed some things. And then I drove from there to Johnson City and checked in with my dad. And then I went home. But Andrew called, and I had to meet him to give him his laptop. And while I was doing that, I ran by the Mexican restaurant and picked up some tacos. And by that time, I had to be at a basketball game because my daughter was cheering at halftime. I was worn out, but then I had to go back to WalMart to get some other stuff. And I ran by Mamacita’s and got some of that green sauce.

Beth: Had a glass of wine and watched Schitt’s Creek.

Me: So, what’s your favorite kind of taco?

Cristol: Well, it depends on where you get them. If you go to that taco truck on the side of the road near the hardware store, the one with the faded yellow sign, then the bean and cheese is best. But otherwise, I go with something with meat.

Beth: Hmmm. Not sure. Let me think about that.

You get the idea. But let’s get to know Beth and Cristol a bit better….

Beth has worked at 4.0 for almost five and a half years. Before coming here, she worked with the mentally ill at a counseling center where she had to watch women pee in cups for drug testing (but this job was better than cleaning retainers at an orthodontist’s office when she was in high school). She credits her 10 years at the counseling center with preparing her for successfully managing 40+ “strong personalities” at 4.0. Beth feels happy when she comes to work each day: Her commute is short, the digs are beautiful, and she gets free and discounted wine.

Cristol has worked at 4.0 for almost five years and came here with lots of experience in managing events at Abilene Christian University, Omni Hotels, and Becker Vineyards. FYI: When Cristol manages an event, she literally sweats every single detail...see the conversation above as reference. I feel certain that she applies her event management skills to her favorite job: being a mom (unpaid and sometimes strange, but for her, the best job in the world).

While Beth’s favorite food is pasta, Cristol prefers chips with salsa and guacamole. While Beth can be found (preferably on the beach) drinking wine when she’s not at 4.0, Cristol spends her non-4.0 time volunteering in Johnson City and driving her kids around. While Beth’s superpower would be flight, Cristol’s is organizing things. See what I told you about their differences?

But they do have some things in common. Both agree that the best part of working at 4.0 is the staff…the big, dysfunctional 4.0 family. They both agree that the biggest change they’ve seen in their time at 4.0 is the addition of the new building and, more recently, the new Wine Club Lounge. And if they were queens of everything, both would immediately make free healthcare a law.

Finally, neither Beth nor Cristol likes annoying sounds, so the next time I’m sitting with them under an umbrella at 4.0, having a conversation, I’m definitely going to be sure to chew on some ice and smack my food.

Despite their differences (or because of them), Beth and Cristol partner effectively to lead our 4.0 team almost 365 days per year, ensuring that we’re keeping both our first-time visitors and our club members happy…and keeping us happy along the way.


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