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Carl Hudson
May 25, 2022 | Carl Hudson

June Wine Club Release Update!

Springtime in the Hill Country has been different this year.  Very little rain, few bluebonnets, and widespread grass fire danger. Damaging hailstorms even hit some of the Hill Country vineyards. Let’s hope that is all behind us now so we can celebrate summer with the June Texas Wine Collective Wine Club Release and Pick-up Events, scheduled for Sundays, 5-June and 12-June, with 11:00-1:30 or 2:30-5:00 sessions. The format will remain consistent with the opportunity to taste all 6 dry wines, 3 red and 3 white, along with 3 small-bite food pairings. Or, club members and their guests may choose a complimentary single glass of wine from the release list in the Wine Club Lounge. There is also the option to taste the 3 sweet wines if that is your club selection.

Two guest attendees are allowed for a total of 4 adult attendees per wine club membership – with advance reservations. A new twist for June is that 12-bottle, or Case Club Members may choose to either stay or arrive early for the 1-hour period between sessions (1:30-2:30) – again with advance reservations. Look for Wine Club emails and announcements, make your reservations, and join us at Texas Wine Collective for the June-2022 Wine Club release.  More information is available on the website – www.texaswinecollective.com. 

The TWC winery partners, Brennan Vineyards, Lost Oak Winery, and McPherson Cellars, are pleased to offer the following wines for the June-2022, TWC Wine Club Release.

Allocation Selection: R=Red, M=Mixed, W=White, S=Sweet

The Reds in this allocation are produced in a richer, bolder style, perfect for summertime grilling sessions, outdoor parties, and evenings served with rich cheeses on the patio or by the pool.

Brennan Vineyards Reserve Buffalo Roam 2018 Texas                                                            R

Grape(s):  Montepulciano 60%, Diamante Doble Vyds, Tokio, TX, Terry Cty, Cabernet Franc 20%, Blackwater Draw Vyd, Brownfield, TX, Terry Cty, and Syrah, 20%, Comanche Vyd, Comanche Cty, TX
Mechanically harvested; cuvées fermented separately in SS tanks with daily delestage (7 days); aged 18 months in mostly used American & French oak barrels; blended & bottled at 14.5% ABV, 0% RS (DRY)
Purple-black in color; sour cherries and black plum fruit aromas with hints of woodsmoke and earth; flavors of black plums, currants, blueberries, pipe tobacco, and saddle leather with smoky, vanilla, caramel notes; robust mouth-feel with rich, silky tannins leading to a well-structured finish. Pair with buffalo roast, beef steaks, game birds, pork tenderloins, and smoky Texas BBQ!

Lost Oak Winery Rox-E 2019 Texas (High Plains)                                                                 R/M

Grape(s):  2019 Cabernet Sauvignon 69%, TX High Plains; 2019 Zinfandel 21% TX High Plains; combo of 2020 Cabernet Franc, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petite Sirah, Texas; and 2019 Rubired, California.
Various cuvées fermented in SS tank; aged average 18 mo in mix of French and American oak barrels; blended and bottled @ 14.5% ABV, 0.0% RS (dry)
This is a “winemakers gone wild” blend designed for just plain fun. Aromas of ripe cherries, raspberries, and black currants with subtle notes of spice and vanilla. Cherry and raspberry flavors carry over to the palate along with pomegranate and currant notes. The finish is bright and balanced with lingering tannins. Pair with spinach and artichoke dip, stuffed mushrooms, Margherita pizza, cedar plank roasted salmon with cilantro, beef tips and noodles, green beans almondine, and cherry/chocolate ricotta tart.

McPherson Cellars Sangiovese 2020 TX High Plains                                                            R/M

Grape(s):  Sangiovese 100%, sourced from Lahey and Sagmor Vyds, TX High Plains
Fermented 10 days in SS tank with overall 25-day skin contact; aged 14 months in French oak barrels (20% new); bottled @ 13.7% ABV, 0.2% RS (DRY)
Sangiovese, famous for making Chianti wines from Tuscany, Italy, grows well in warm, arid climates, like central and west Texas. Clinton “Doc” McPherson pioneered the Texas Wine Industry and made early plantings of Sangiovese in his Sagmor Vineyard near Lubbock. Aging in French oak added a smoky vanilla nuance to this lovely red with appealing aromas and flavors of red liquorice, black cherry cola, white pepper, and baking spices. The wine is medium-bodied, dry, rich, with soft mouthfeel and gentle tannins. Pair with porcini mushrooms, spaghetti Bolognese, and grilled favorites.

The Whites in this allocation tend to be on the crisp and citrusy side of things, good choices for lighter picnic fare and summer pool/patio parties.

McPherson Cellars Chenin Blanc 2021 TX High Plains                                                        W/M

Grape(s):  Chenin Blanc 100%, Lepard Vyd, Brownfield, TX, Terry Cty

Fermented 28 days at 58oF in SS tank; aged only in SS tank, bottled @ 12.9% ABV <0.1% RS (dry)
Chenin Blanc is famous for making a wide range of delicious wines in the Loire Valley of France – dry, semi-sweet, dessert sweet, and sparkling. The variety has been well established on the Texas High Plains for over 40 years. McPherson Cellars cold ferments and SS ages in order to bring out both the tart and sweet apple and pear aromas and flavors so characteristic in dry, crisp Chenin Blanc. This offers a wonderful splash of “Texas Sunshine” and pairs with grilled seafood, avocado stuffed with chicken salad, goat cheese on toast, and grilled seafood and pork.

Lost Oak Winery Sauvignon Blanc 2021 Texas                                                                          W

Grape(s):  Sauvignon Blanc 100%, Burning Daylight Vineyards, Rendon, TX, Tarrant County
Fermented cold and aged in SS tank; bottled @ 14% ABV, <0.1% RS (DRY)
Burning Daylight Vineyards was established in 2012 by Dave and Missy Gudal. Mostly Bordeaux varieties, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Sauvignon Blanc, are planted on their 3 acres. Most of the fruit goes to Lost Oak Winery in Burleson, and Jim Evans, head winemaker, a veteran and legend in Texas wine, does a masterful job of highlighting the best from these grapes. Aroma of bosc pear and citrus are followed by flavors of white grapefruit, lime, and kumquat plus a bright crisp finish. Pair with baked figs stuffed with goat cheese, grilled mahi mahi, shrimp salad, and lemon or key lime pie.

Lost Oak Winery Trebbiano 2021 Texas High Plains                                                                 W

Grape(s):  Trebbiano 100%, Paka Family Vineyard, Brownfield, TX, Terry County
Mechanically harvested, pressed, fermented cold at 52oF; aged SS tank with no malolactic transformation; bottled @ 12.3% ABV, <0.1% RS (dry)
Trebbiano produces light, crisp white wines in Italy that are refreshing for summer picnics, patio dinners, and outdoor parties. It is often used in blends, but can make fun single varietal wines. It is gaining in popularity in Texas because of these properties and its drought and freeze tolerance. Aromas of pineapple and soft white grapefruit; flavors of ripe lemon, sweet lime, and yuzu (?); soft and easy finish that begs for another sip. Pair with parmesan crisps, basil crab cakes, mushroom ravioli in white wine sauce, citrus glazed carrots, lemon-sage shortbread cookies. The grape is also widely grown in other parts of Europe where it is known as Ugni Blanc, the primary source for distilled grape spirits in brandy production. I

The Sweets in this allocation will be recognized as favorites by those who like a bit of sugar in their wines. Drink these alone or with simple salads and desserts.

Vintage Lane CranCouture N.V. Texas High Plains (by Lost Oak Winery)                             S

Grape(s):  Riesling 100% from Diamante Doble Vyd, Tokio, Terry County, TX, plus natural cranberry flavoring
Fruit was mechanically harvested, fermented cold in SS tanks; flavored, sweetened, stabilized, and bottled @ 12.3% ABV, 3.0% RS (semi-sweet)
Reddish pink color; moderately sweet wine with cranberry aromas and flavors; lovely balanced acidity from the Riesling fruit; should pair well with summer fruit salads, softer, mild cheeses, and patio/pool parties.

Lost Oak Winery Orange Muscat 2021 TX High Plains                                                              S

Grape(s):  Orange Muscat 100%, sourced 73% from Diamante Doble Vyd, Tokio, TX, Terry County and 27% from Crooked Post Vineyard, TX High Plains
Fermented cold and aged in SS tank; stabilized and bottled @ 11.3% ABV, 3% RS (semi-sweet)
A “stop ferment” process was used in making this wine to preserve natural grape sugar and acid freshness; aromas of candied orange slices, ripe peaches, tangerine, almonds; smooth and refreshing with a lively finish. Pair with spicy crab cakes, Korean BBQ, pulled pork sliders, sausage stuffed bell peppers, grilled fruit.

McPherson Cellars Shy Blush 2021 TX High Plains                                                                   S

Grape(s):  A blend of Texas High Plains fruit
Fermented cold in SS tanks for 30 days; sweetened, and stabilized before bottling @ 11.5% ABV, 4% RS (sweet)
This easy drinking blend that offers fruity, sweet, and refreshing aromas and flavors of cherry, strawberry, and pomegranate, with hints of tropical fruit; very smooth finish.  Chill for fun, easy sipping. Don’t you just love the neat artistic label?


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