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May 20, 2020 | Cellar Scoop | 4.0 Insider

Inching Towards Normal

Looking back through my Facebook feed, I can identify when the pandemic hit home for me. It was Friday, March 13, the last day of our Spring Break here in Fredericksburg and the day we found out that school wouldn’t be starting back up the following week. It would be several more weeks before we’d find out that school wouldn’t be starting back up at all.

The many crossed-out events, appointments, and meetings in my calendar begin on Monday, May 16…with a note above it all reading “Note everything canceled b/c of coronavirus….” So, I’ve now gone just over two months living in a very changed landscape made up of fewer activities, face masks and gloves, countless Zoom meetings, quiet (and slow) days, LONG walks, LOTS of family time, HAND SANITIZER, dogs needing attention (and wondering why we’re home all the time), games and puzzles, and of course, some very good food and wine. As I type this, it really doesn’t sound so bad. And honestly, it hasn’t been. But I sure have missed hanging out with other people…this is the hardest part of this unprecedented time for extroverts like me.

Here at 4.0, we continued to serve customers via curbside during the closure. But talking to people from many feet away through a car window for as short a time as possible simply can’t replace fuller conversations across the bar in our tasting room or Wine Club Lounge. 

But with the Governor’s direction, we’re slowly getting back into our groove at 4.0. On Friday, May 1, we officially opened with limited tastings and bottle sales for off-site consumption. And after further direction from the “powers that be,” we can now provide full tastings and bottle sales for on-site, outdoor consumption.

Though we’re still practicing distancing (no hugs or handshakes just yet) and are sanitizing EVERYTHING before, during, and after each tasting, things are beginning to feel more “normal.” We’re still operating at 25% capacity (though that could change any day) and we’re not sampling foods or providing wine and cheese pairings. But people, members, return customers, and first-time customers alike, are visiting our tasting room and buying bottles of wine (no glass sales just yet). 

And really, 4.0 is the perfect place to have a good time, enjoy a bottle of wine, and stay healthy. We have ample space outdoors for visitors to spread out and enjoy our fabulous spring weather. Bring your dogs! Bring your kids! (Just please don’t push any tables together…we’ve measured and moved them to ensure safe distances between them.)

So, come on out this weekend for some live music! Lonnie Lett is playing on Saturday, and we’ll have Tyler Cannon here on Sunday. Order from the Smokehaus BBQ food truck (Saturday only) or bring a picnic. Be ready to sample some new wines and buy your favorites because we’re back in gear and ready to see you at 4.0!


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