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January 8, 2020 | Cellar Scoop | 4.0 Insider

How Well Do You Know 4.0?

For this post, I’m taking inspiration from our recent staff holiday party where we played our annual trivia game (which I won…again!). It’s time for you to test your knowledge of all things 4.0, so here we go… (answers at the bottom, but no peaking!)

1) 4.0 Cellars opened in…

a. April 2012         

b. 1976        

c. the Middle Ages           

d. June 2015

2) We’re called 4.0 because…

a. That’s the combined GPA of our founders                    

b. You have to have had a 4.0 in college to work here   

c. Doc McPherson was an academic               

d. No reason…it’s just random

3) 4.0 used to represent 4 winemakers from around Texas.

a. True

b. False

4) Which staff member has been at 4.0 the longest, and how long has he/she been here?

a. Jimmy, since June 2013

b. Joe, since 4.0 opened

c. Carl, since he retired from Exxon

d. Marie, since the birth of Lisa

5) How many people work at 4.0?

a. 40

b. Who knows? People come and go.

c. 51

d. Depends on how you define “work”

6) 4.0 is located on Hwy. 290 which is…

a. The longest four-lane road in Texas without a turning lane

b. Known as the original path of the Pony Express

c. Known for its beautiful foliage

d. The second most travelled wine road in the country

7) 4.0 sits on…

a. 4 acres

b. An ancient Native American burial ground

c. 10 acres

d. The Brennans’ family property

8) Being a 4.0 Wine Club member…

a. Means you and 3 friends get a free glass or a free tasting every time you visit

b. Has its perks

c. Gives you discounts on cheese

d. All of the above!

9) Our “new” building…

a. Is 8000 sq. feet.

b. Opened in March 2019

c. Was designed by the same firm that designed our original building

d. All of the above

10) Our vines at the front of our property include…

a. Concord grapes

b. Welch’s grapes

c. Black Spanish grapes

d. Tempranillo grapes



Answers: 1) a, 2) c, 3) b, 4) a, 5) a, 6) d, 7) a, 8) d, 9) d, 10) c


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