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August 26, 2020 | Cellar Scoop | 4.0 Insider

Grab a Glass of Wine…It’s Movie Time!

There’s nothing like a good movie night, and a glass (OK, bottle…who am I kidding?) of wine makes it that much better. Read on to see the “Scoop’s” recommendations for some classic movie and wine pairings.

*Note from the Scoop: With the exception of one, I’ve watched each of these movies MANY times…and have enjoyed different beverages with them each time. These recommendations arise from conversations with coworkers who have also seen these movies more than once and who are experienced wine drinkers (um, lushes).

An American in Paris: OK, Francophiles. This is the one movie on the list that I haven’t watched multiple times, but a friend assures me that this movie is as easy to watch as McPherson’s Les Copains Red is to drink. Vive la France!

Christmas Story: Plop yourself down on the divan, turn on your leg lamp, hit play, and enjoy a glass of Lost Oak’s Holiday…coming to your favorite tasting room (4.0!) this November.

Forrest Gump: So much to consider with this movie. I thought about going with the box of chocolates theme which would demand a great red. And then I thought about shrimp…so rosé, of course. Ultimately, I decided that Forrest’s sweet mom deserves a nod. So, McPherson’s Moscato it is. If you’re a sweet club member, this wine is headed your way in your next shipment.

The Godfather: 4.0 Montepulciano. Because…Italy.

Jaws: After seeing this movie as a child, I was convinced that there was a shark under my bed, so getting in and out of bed was terrifying. I needed someone like Sheriff Brody or Hooper or Quint to protect me. Bring on Brennan’s Protectors!

Mommie Dearest: Every time I see a wire hanger, I think of this crazy movie. Watching a film like this demands something stiff…something like Lost Oak’s Late Harvest Roussanne, a dessert wine with so much alcohol that we can’t pour it by the glass. Enjoy. Carefully.

Psycho: Any good list of must-watch movies should include a Hitchcock. Here I’ve gone with the most famous of his films…and the one that features chocolate syrup in the bloody shower scene. I don’t know. Something about that just calls for Lost Oak’s Double Diamond Merlot, right? Come get your bottle in September!

The Shining: Terrifying premise, creepy characters, and a luxurious, remote hotel. A high-class setting calls for ritzy wine. Brennan’s Winemaker’s Choice fits the bill perfectly. And can’t you just picture Jack Nicholson sipping it in the bar? Be on the lookout for “W VI” in September!

The Sound of Music: For this one, I’m going with Lost Oak’s Gewurztraminer. Why? The grape’s ancestral home is believed to be Germany (though, it’s often most associated with Alsace), and well, Austria is close to Germany.

Steel Magnolias: First, if you can make it through this movie without shedding a tear or two, your heart may be two sizes too small. Whether you cry or not, when you watch this movie, you might as well pair it with Brennan’s Dry Rosé because you’re going to be inundated with pink anyway.

Titanic: Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. This one needs McPherson’s Sparkling Wine.

The Wizard of Oz: I’m going with two wines for this one: one for Kansas and one for Oz. Brennan’s Sweet Arrow Red feels like something you might find in Kansas, while the munchkins would probably celebrate the death of the Wicked Witch of the East with Brennan’s Prickly Poppy. Oh, and there’s that poppy scene, too.

I could go on, matching our wines with movies I’ve come to love. But now it’s your turn: What are some of your favorite movie and 4.0 wine pairings?


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