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Carl Hudson
December 21, 2021 | Carl Hudson

Carl’s Corner in Review for 2021

At year’s end it is rewarding to look back over the topics included in Carl’s Corner posts over the past 12 months. Twenty-five posts covered a range of topics that are summarized below. Unfortunately, I missed one publication date (03-15) due to hip replacement surgery. There was a 2020 summary post (12-21) that noted topics covered during the difficult 2020. Hopefully, during this more “normal” 2021, you have enjoyed the stories and the information provided has both enlightened and entertained. Here’s a look back at Carl’s Corner - 2021.


Winemaking Technology

From my experience as a winemaker, it is always fun to address things that happen in the winery as grapes are processed into wine. Four posts on winemaking topics were included: 

01-06  Sweetening Wines

01-18  Performing Bench Trials

07-07  Sparkling Wines – Ways and Styles

10-13  Tannins in Red Wines


About Wines

Since the key for most of us is actually drinking and enjoying wines, especially those produced by the Texas Wine Collective owners/partners, posts on wines and wine characteristics are very important. Four wine stories were posted for 2021:

03-29  Brennan Vyds Super Nero 2018

04-26  Brennan Vyds Mistelle 2018

09-15  Port/Portejas

11-24  Holiday Wine Selections Nov/Dec-2021


In the Vineyard

Vineyards require a lot of time and effort, even the small TWC show vineyard of mostly Black Spanish vines. Starting with pruning in February, specific seasonal activities are required to keep the vines healthy and reach a productive harvest in mid-August. Several friends and associates supported me in these vineyard activities, especially Rob Reynolds, Clay Porter, and Chuck Mauldin – Thanks. Two vineyard activity stories were posted in 2021:

02-01  Vine Pruning at TWC

08-07  TWC Vineyard Grape Harvest


General “Wineaux” Information

Often information in print and on internet sites inspires me to write about various topics that would seem to be of interest to Carl’s Corner readers. Inspiration for such posts also comes from comments or questions asked by customers or TWC staff members. It was fun to develop and publish seven such posts on the www.texaswinecollective.com website:

05-12  Tempranillo – From Spain to Texas with Style

06-09  Blanc du Bois – For the hot and humid

06-23  Cinsault – A blending specialist

07-22  Italian Grape Varieties for Texas

08-19  Picardan – White Rhone Grape for Texas

09-29  Spanish Varieties TX vs Spain TWC Pairing Event

11-10  Montepulciano vs Sangiovese


Food and Wine Topics

For many folks, pairing wine with food at the table is very important. This topic is often discussed during tastings, pairings, staff meetings, and Wine Club pick-up events. Two blog posts in 2021 focused on and provided recipes for some of my favorite foods to enjoy with wine:

03-03  Mac and Cheese Update 2021

12-08  Cheese Burgers for the Holidays


Wine Club Releases

One of the most important activities each year is that of planning and executing the Texas Wine Collective Wine Club Releases and pick-up party events. General manager Dave Bryant, tasting room manager Beth, wine club staff, Cristol and Stacey, and assistant TRMgr’s Amber and Valerie, work with the owners/partners and winemakers to select the wines to be released to our members, plan packing and shipping, and present successful pick-up events.

02-15  Feb-2021 Wine Club Release

04-12  April-2021 Wine Club Release

05-26  June-2021 Wine Club Release

08-31  Sept-2021 Wine Club Release

10-27  Nov-2021 Wine Club Release


I would be remiss to not mention my partner blogger, Dr. Caroline Eidson, who posted a number of interesting stories on the website during alternate weeks in 2021. I trust that you, like me, found these informative and entertaining. 


Thank You to all of our Wine Club Members who played a very important role in helping Texas Wine Collective enjoy an exciting and successful 2021. 


I hope the end of this year finds you and your families healthy and full of hope for even better things in 2022. We are committed to doing our part and look forward to seeing you often. To all, Happy New Year!  


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