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Carl Hudson
December 13, 2022 | Carl Hudson

Carl’s Corner Annual Summary for 2022 –


Carl’s Corner Annual Summary for 2022 –

Blog Posts and Approximate Posting Dates on the TexasWineCollective.com website

It is always fun, and sometimes surprising, to look back at all of last year’s Carl’s Corner blog posts. There is usually a relatively wide range of topics besides the regular Wine Club Release announcements. In 2022, the major theme was the 10-part series on American Viticultural Areas, AVAs, specifically the eight AVAs in Texas. And a newer topic, the Texas Tasting Series events. that compared wines of a specific type or grape variety from various wine regions with similar versions from the Texas Wine Collective winery partners, Brennan Vineyards, Lost Oak Winery, and McPherson Cellars. Enjoy this review of Carl’s Corner Memories from 2022 and remember that you can always go to the TexasWineCollective.com website to read or re-read any of these posts. May your holidays be truly “wine-derful.”


10-part Series on American Viticultural Areas, Specifically Texas AVAs:

American Viticultural Areas have been established across the U.S., mostly in California, of course, to help identify and designate the source of grapes grown and made into wines. In late 2021 a plan was made to address Texas American Viticultural Areas, or AVAs, to help educate Carl’s Corner readers as to the reasons for an AVA, the requirements to create an AVA, the value of an AVA, the locations of the 8 AVAs in the Lone Star State, updated labeling laws as related to Texas wines produced in or out of an AVA, and, finally, some efforts underway to create more AVAs in Texas to better define grape origins.

Jan 5 – What’s An AVA, Mama? (TX AVA #1)

Jan 22 – AVA On The Label – What Does it Mean? (TX AVA #2)

Feb 28 – How is an AVA Established? (TX AVA #3)

Mar 14 – Financial Value of an AVA Designation (TX AVA #4)

May 8 – Texas Hill Country AVA (TX AVA #5)

Jun 8 – Texas High Plains AVA – Where Most Texas Grapes are Grown (TX AVA #6)

Jul 9 – The Other Texas AVAs – Texoma, Mesilla Valley, Davis Mountains, and Escondido Valley (TX AVA #7)

Aug 7 – Important Areas of Texas Not in an AVA (TX AVA #8)

Sep 13 – Updated Label Laws to Designate 100% Texas Wines (TX AVA #9)

Sep 27 – Efforts to create Additional AVAs in Texas (TX AVA #10)


Wine Club Release Announcements:

TWC and our Winery Partners released 45 wine selections to Wine Club Members in 2022. From Brennan Vineyards there were 6 reds, 2 whites, and 2 sweets. From Lost Oak Winery there were 5 reds, 6 whites, and 8 sweets. From McPherson Cellars there were 6 reds, 5 whites, and 5 sweets.

Feb 1 – February 2022

Mar 28 – April 2022

May 25 – June 2022

Sep 8 – September 2022

Oct 31 – November-2022


Texas Tasting Series Events:

Amber Saidler, TWC chef and Director of Operations, helped plan a series of tastings in which Texas wines from the TWC Winery Partners were paired with wine produced from similar grape varieties from other wine regions. Chef Amber prepared small food bites (tapas) to accompany the wines in these fun learning experiences hosted by Carl Hudson, TWC Wine Educator, and held in the spacious Event Center.

Feb 15 – Texas vs. France, French-origin Grape Varieties

Apr 13 – Texas vs. California, Rhône-style Grape Varieties

Jun 22 – Tempranillo Showdown Pairing

Jul 21 – Spain vs Texas Pairing

Aug 19 – Italy vs Texas Pairing

Dec 4 – The World of Blends Pairing

Four Carl’s Corner blog posts were on a variety of subjects. Now that the Texas AVA series has been completed, there will be more miscellaneous grape, wine, and food subjects addressed in 2023.

Oct 30 - The Impact of Yeast on Wine Aroma and Flavor: Part One

Nov 16 - Holiday Wine Selections

Nov 21 – The World of Wine Blends

Dec 14 - Carl’s Corner Annual Summary for 2022


Thank you to all Carl’s Corner readers. Hopefully, you have been entertained, informed, and even learned a bit more about this fascinating World of Wine. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, y’all.


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