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Carl Hudson
March 28, 2022 | Carl Hudson

Carl's Corner - Wine Club releases for April 2022

Even though cold weather seemed to hang on longer than normal, spring may have finally arrived. It’s now time to celebrate spring with the April Texas Wine Collective Wine Club Release and Pick-up Events, scheduled for Sundays, 3-Apr and 10-Apr, with 11:00-1:30 or 2:30-5:00 sessions. The format will remain consistent with the opportunity to taste all 6 dry wines, red and white, along with 3 small-bite food pairings. Or, club members and their guests may choose a complimentary single glass of wine from the release list. There is also the option to taste the sweet wines if that is your club selection. 

Two guest attendees are allowed (total of 4 adult attendees per wine club membership) – with advance reservations. Look for Wine Club emails and announcements, make your reservations, and join us at Texas Wine Collective for the April-2022 Wine Club release.  More information is available on the website – www.texaswinecollective.com. 

The TWC winery partners, Brennan Vineyards, Lost Oak Winery, and McPherson Cellars, are pleased to offer the following wines for the April, 2022, TWC Wine Club Release.

Allocation Selection: R=Red, M=Mixed, W=White, S=Sweet

The Reds in this allocation are all produced in an easy-drinking style, perfect for springtime grilling sessions, outdoor parties, and picnics.

Brennan Vineyards Austin Street Red 2017 TX High Plains                              R

Grape(s):  Blend of Cinsault, Reddy Vyds, Brownfield, TX, and Alicante Bouschet, Diamante Doble Vyd, Tokio, TX, all in Terry Cty
From a challenging, rain-filled growing season this fruit was machine harvested in good condition; fermented in SS tanks at 52oF over 3-5 weeks; aged in older oak barrels; blended and bottled @ 12.9% ABV with a subtle 0.55% RS (edge of off-dry)
Vibrant ruby color; forward aromas of cherries, strawberries, vanilla bean, and toasty oak; off-dry, full-bodied red with flavors of currants, raspberries, and black cherries; lush mouth-feel with well-balanced acidity and moderate tannins on rounded finish; pair with mild cheeses, stews, braised meats, roasted game or beef, and Texas BBQ

Lost Oak Winery Crimson Oak 2019 TX High Plains                                      R/M

Grape(s):  Ruby Cabernet 44%, Krick Hill Vyds, Levelland, TX, Hockley Cty; Tempranillo 34%, Bingham Family Vyds, Meadow, TX, Terry County; and Cabernet Sauvignon, Diamante Doble Vyds, Tokio, TX, Terry Cty
Fermented separately in SS tanks; average 13 mo aging in oak barrels (mix of American and French) for Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon; Ruby Cabernet aged in SS tank; blended and bottled @ 13.8% ABV, 0% RS (DRY)
A delightful, easy-drinking red blend offering aromas of mulberry and rhubarb; flavors of soft cherry and pomegranate with delicate notes of sweet spices on a bright, well-balanced finish; pair with most cheeses and deli meats, dried fruits, nuts, and olives, or with heavier fare like creamy pink-sauced pasta, Croque Madame sandwiches, or raspberry cheesecake

McPherson Cellars Tempranillo 2020 TX High Plains                                    R/M

Grape(s):  Tempranillo 100%, Lahey Vineyards, Brownfield, Terry Cty, TX
Fermented 11 days in SS tank (3-day cold soak) with overall 40-day skin contact; aged 14 months in French oak barrels (23% new); bottled @ 13.9% ABV, 0.1% RS (DRY)
Tempranillo grows well in warm, arid climates, and is a key grape both in its native Spain and in Texas. Clinton “Doc” McPherson, Kim McPherson’s father, pioneered the Texas Wine Industry and made early plantings of Tempranillo on the Texas High Plains. This is a smooth, easy-drinking, well-balanced red wine with bright cherry fruit aromas and flavors plus lovely notes of buttercream and vanilla from oak aging; pleasant, dusty tannins on the finish. Enjoy with grilled favorites or picnic fare with friends on warm spring days

The Whites in this allocation are flavorful and refreshing, again good choices for springtime activities. 

McPherson Cellars Picpoul Blanc 2021 TX High Plains                                W/M

Grape(s):  Picpoul Blanc, 100%, from Texas High Plains vineyards
Fermented 27 days at 57oF with no skin contact; aged in SS tank (no oak); bottled @ 12.5% ABV, 0.4% RS (essentially DRY)
This variety hails from southern France and is making quite a splash on the Texas High Plains; its nickname from the French is “lip stinger” indicating its vibrant acidity; aromas and flavors of apple, lemon, and lime; vibrant, spicy finish; pair with oysters, mussels, swordfish, clams, salmon, shrimp scampi, and herbed goat cheese

Lost Oak Winery Mourvèdre Rosé 2019 TX High Plains                                    W

Grape(s):  Mourvèdre 100%, Diamante Doble Vyds near Tokio, TX, Terry Cty
Mechanically harvested; grapes lightly crushed and fermentation started on the skins to develop the pinkish color; juice pressed away from the skins after several hours and fermentation continued to completion at 52oF in SS tank; aged in SS tank; bottled @ 12.2% ABV, 0% RS (DRY)
Made in the classic Texas Dry Rosé style; delicate pink tint; aromas of spring blossoms and honeydew melon; flavors of ripe melons, a hint of lime zest, and a note of minerality on a gently acidic finish; pair with baked feta, sun dried tomatoes, and olives, honey-glazed lamb or pork, lemon butter baked fish, or fresh melons with ricotta cheese

McPherson Cellars Albarino 2021 TX High Plains                                             W

Grape(s):  Albarino 100%, from Texas High Plains vineyards
Fermented 25 days at 56oF with no skin contact; aged in SS tank (no oak); bottled @ 12.4% ABV, 0.5% RS (just on the DRY-off DRY edge)
This variety hails from the northwestern Spanish region of Galicia and has adapted well to the Texas High Plains; aromas and flavors of peach, apple, melon, and citrus; good acidity as expected with Albarino with a pleasant mineral note on a spicy finish; pair with grilled seafood or chicken, spicy Thai or Asian dishes, Spanish paella, and young Manchego cheese

The Sweets in this allocation serve well for those that like a bit of sugar in their wines: a red, a white, and a sangria-style red.

Brennan Vineyards Sweet ArrowRed 2017 Texas                                               S

Grape(s): Muscat of Alexandria 27%, Newburg Vyd, Comanche Cty, TX, and Montepulciano 73%, Diamante Doble Vyd, Tokio, TX, Terry County
Fermented cold and aged in SS tanks; blended, sweetened, and stabilized before bottling @ 12.6% ABV, 4% RS (sweet dessert wine)
Vibrant crimson in color; aromas and flavors of sweet cherries & raspberries; very fruit forward; great wine for making sangrias, or chill for fun, easy sipping; pairs well with spicy Mexican fare and Texas BBQ sauce, also with cherry pie, plum tart, and most chocolates

Lost Oak Winery Sweet Riesling 2019 TX High Plains                                       S

Grape(s):  Riesling 100%, sourced from Texas High Plains vineyards
Grapes pressed and the juice fermented cold; then aged in SS tanks; sweetened to 3.5% RS (moderately sweet); stabilized & bottled at 12.6% ABV
This classic variety that originated in the Rhine region of Germany is one of the world’s premier white grapes. It is widely planted in cooler climates and seems to do well high elevation on the Texas High Plains, producing a range of styles - sweet, off-dry, and bracingly dry wines. With bright, green-tinted straw yellow color, this wine offers aromas of granny smith apple, pear, and honey; flavors echo the aromas with notes of prickly pear, wildflower honey, and Honeycrisp apple; the finish is crisp and joyfully refreshing; pair with spanakopita with feta, pork chops with apple sauce and honey-glazed carrots, grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream and balsamic drizzle, and classic apple pie

McPherson Cellars La Diosa Sangria N.V. TX High Plains                                 S

Grape(s):  Produced from a vineyard mix of grapes from High Plains Vyds
Various cuvées fermented cold and aged in SS tanks; blended, sweetened to about 5% RS (sweet); stabilized & bottled at 13.0% ABV
Medium-bodied wine with aromas of tropical fruit; jammy dark fruit flavors and some zesty acidity; pairs so well with soft cheeses, fresh fruit, berries in yogurt, and shortbread cookies; a pleasure for those with a sweet tooth and so much easier than mixing up your own batch of Sangria; so throw some chunks of fruit into a glass of this La Diosa and enjoy


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