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Caroline Eidson
June 14, 2022 | Caroline Eidson

Beatin' the Heat with TWC Wines

Well, it’s hot. There’s really not much more to say about the temperature lately, except this: Here at TWC, we’ve got some heat-beatin’ wine. Brennan Vineyard’s Three White Chicks has always been a hot weather favorite with its light and crisp notes of peach and pear. It pairs perfectly with a hot day and a somewhat cooling breeze…and our inseason, fresh peaches!

But we’ve got LOTS of wines for Texas summers. Read on to find out what some of our TWC teammates are drinking (and eating) to beat this heat.

Amber likes to toss a few frozen strawberries or Fredericksburg peaches into her Lost Oak Winery Trebbiano to keep its fresh flavors staying cool longer.

Bobbi pairs a chilled glass of McPherson Cellars’ Verde Verde with her front porch rocking chair…and a light cheese plate or a Caesar salad. NO oven or grill needed, but the front porch is a MUST!

Allison also likes the Verde Verde, but she’ll turn on her grill to make fish tacos…a perfect pairing! Patti will take just about any Viognier in this heat, and she’s a fan of pairing it with blackened salmon.

Sandy tried TWC’s Float Blanc with spicy wings and a cucumber, tomato, and red onion salad and reports that it was a hit. Merryll also loves TWC’s Float Blanc, but she’s pairing it with avocado toast. Seafood seems to be a summer trend for us Texans.

Collin likes to pair TWC’s Float Blanc with fruit and cheese, but he also enjoys McPherson’s Albariño or Chenin Blanc with baked cod or a smoked fish. YUM.

Taryn has a couple of great pairing ideas: Lost Oak’s Sauvignon Blanc with herb goat cheese and Brennan’s Malbec Rosé with gingerbread waffles. Breakfast, anyone?

And me? I’m keeping it classy with McPherson’s Verde Verde and a pimiento cheese sandwich and Pringle’s (original flavor only!). And if I’m feeling fancy? McPherson’s Albariño with shrimp served just about any way…but shrimp scampi is particularly yummy.

So, which TWC wines are you enjoying on these hot days? And what are you pairing them with?


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