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July 29, 2021 | TWC Insider

Back to School…It’s Coming Soon!

Here at TWC, we’re all about helping you get back into the swing of school. Read on to find out what we’re up to as the summer begins to wind down. And add your favorite Little Debbie snack in the comments below because, after all, it’s getting to be that time of year when we parents start to sneak our kids’ snacks!

Last weekend, I got to serve a club member and her friend, both of whom I’ve gotten to know well over the past several years. Both work in schools, one as a teacher and one as an administrator. And both are getting ready to head back to school in the next week or so. As a former educator, I remember well those last few weeks of summer when, try as I might, I couldn’t keep my mind off of the coming school year. Thus, it was no surprise to me that these gals had dropped by to stock up on wine.

Here at TWC, we’re happy to count many teachers as members and regular guests, and many of our team members are former teachers. We get it. Wine and teaching go together nicely. But wine and parenting (particularly if you have a teenager in the house) go together nicely, too.

This year, we’ve come up with a couple ways to make the transition back to school easier for some. First, THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our school supply collection for the Hill County Community Needs Council’s Backpacks for Kids program. In addition to raising just shy of $600 to help fund the program, we filled a large box and several backpacks with all sorts of school supplies that will be given to families who struggle to afford the materials their children need in order to learn.

In addition, a couple of us from our TWC team will join other volunteers at the Needs Council this week and next to sort supplies and stuff backpacks in preparation for their distribution. If you didn’t get to participate in this drive, no worries. We have plans for supporting other local non-profits throughout the year.

In August, though, we’ll be up to another kind of back-to-school fun with our Little Debbie Snacks and Wine Pairing on Saturday, August 28. Choose one of four sessions, and join in the fun as we match some of our delicious wines with some of Little Debbie’s best back-to-school snacks.

Ever found yourself standing on the snack aisle in the grocery store wondering which wine to pair with the Oatmeal Cream Pie or Powdered Mini Donut or Swiss Roll that you’ve hidden from your child? And who hasn’t pondered the perfect wine for a Honey Bun? Well, here’s your chance to find out. Sign up now to secure your spot (only 10 seats per session): /events/Little-Debbie-Snacks-and-Wine-Pairing.

Whether you’re an educator or a parent (or anyone else!), we at TWC hope you’ll drop by the tasting room soon to enjoy some new wines and stock up on whatever it is you need or want as summer winds down and the school year approaches. And we wish everyone a smooth transition back to what we hope will be a “normal” school year for all!


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