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June 26, 2019 | Cellar Scoop | 4.0 Insider

4.0 in Our Community…and Beyond!

The first time I set foot on the 4.0 property was back in July 2014. A friend invited my husband and me to attend a party at the Cellars. It turned out that the party was actually a fundraiser. After a lengthy battle with cancer, the wife of local musician (and 4.0 regular) Lonnie Lett had passed away, and 4.0 was hosting a benefit to raise money to help Lonnie cover her medical expenses. It was a warm day, and I recall enjoying a selection of white wines. The place was packed. A couple of weeks later I called 4.0 GM Jesse Barter and asked if I could interview for a position in the tasting room. The rest is history (for me, anyway). 

I’ve always known that 4.0 is generous. I certainly experience that generosity first hand as an employee as we’re well fed and taken care of. And I know that we host events regularly to benefit local organizations. For example, our annual Wags and Wine and Howl-o-ween and Wine events support the Hill Country SPCA. 4.0 also supports the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Gillespie County program. We’ve hosted and donated wine for the program’s induction and graduation events for the past several years. 

Last summer, our Friday Night Concert Series supported the Hill Country Needs Council, the Good Samaritan Center, the Boys and Girls Club of Fredericksburg, the Fredericksburg Food Pantry, the Fredericksburg Dog Park Association, and the Golden Hub Community Center, all local nonprofits serving our Fredericksburg and Gillespie County community.

So, we're definitely acting locally, but what I didn’t know until now is just how far our generosity extends beyond our local community. As I sit down to write this post, I’m looking at a list of organizations that 4.0 has supported just since January of this year, and I’m struck first by the sheer number and variety of organizations that we’ve given to, second by the retail value of these donations, and third by how much of the state we’re covering.

So far this year, we’ve given away well over $7000 in complementary tastings and pairings to schools and educational foundations, animal rescue organizations, civic clubs, nonprofit camps, environmental organizations, and many more…and we’re only halfway through the year.

But it’s the geographic scope of our giving that is most noteworthy. In addition to a great many nonprofit organizations in the Hill Country, San Antonio, and Austin, we’ve given to the Boys and Girls Club of Brazos County, Girls on the Run and Bay Area Turning Point shelter in Houston, the Family Service Center in Galveston, 10-7 Outdoors in Arlington, and the Ft. Worth Zoo…just to name a few. And 2019 isn’t a unique year for our giving. Every one of our donation lists for the past several years looks pretty much the same.

So, the next time you’re enjoying a glass of wine with your friends in our tasting room or on our patio, keep in mind that you’re helping us support nonprofit organizations near and far...possibly in your own hometown. Feels pretty good, right? Maybe you should take some 4.0 wine home with you and help us do even more good!


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