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Carl Hudson
November 23, 2020 | Carl Hudson

4.0 Cellars – Carl’s Corner Thanksgiving Edition 2020

4.0 Cellars – Carl’s Corner   Thanksgiving Edition 2020

Wines for the *&%# 2020 Holiday

This COVID-19 Virus issue is really getting in the way of things, and now it is causing many to consider either limiting Thanksgiving holiday gatherings, or forego them altogether.  That’s frustrating for me since gathering with family and friends at Thanksgiving is one of the most treasured and time-honored traditions we have in the United States of America.  And, it is really my favorite holiday.  A big part of my Thanksgiving tradition is lots of wonderful food accompanied by good wine.  So, even though there are limitations for this *&%# 2020 Thanksgiving, we can still consider a number of excellent holiday wine choices available at 4.0 Cellars – see the list below. 

Most of the wines mentioned were released in the September 2020 and November 2020 Wine Club allocations, and are still available for sale in the tasting room or can be ordered via the internet for shipping - – www.fourpointwine.com. 

My favorite Thanksgiving dish is Texas-Style Cornbread, Sausage, and Spinach Dressing.  My father and I worked several years to perfect this recipe, and our holidays would not be “right” without this dressing.  Slices of the dressing help make wonderful leftover turkey and cranberry jelly sandwiches for the weekend football games.  You can find this recipe on the www.fourpointwine.com website in the November 2018 edition of Carl’s Corner blog.  Happy Holidays, Y’all. 

From Brennan Vineyards by winemaker Todd Webster:

Brennan Vineyards Reserve Lily 2017 TX High Plains – This wine is 100% Malvasia Bianca from Farmhouse Vyds (Brownfield, TX, Terry County), and is dry with lower alcohol content at 12%.  It offers aromas of orange blossom, gardenia, honey dew melon, & key lime zest plus flavors of Meyer lemon, ripe peaches, & golden melon.  This version of Lily has good acid balance to pair with many holiday dishes, especially cheeses, veggie trays, and fruit salads.

Brennan Vineyards Dry Rosé 2019 Texas – This well-balanced, easy-drinking rosé is made from Mourvèdre (70%) and Muscat of Alexandria (30%), both sourced from Comanche Cty, TX  The ripe fruit was directly pressed to give a soft copper color and fermented cold to preserve aromas of cantaloupe, under-ripe strawberries, and pomegranate, with fruit flavors of key lime, rhubarb, and strawberries.  This dry wine at 13% ABV has a full rich mouthfeel with notes of white tea leaves on the finish. 

Brennan Vineyards Super Nero 2017 Texas – This very special red blend comprises Nero d’Avola (58%, Newburg Vyd, Comanche Cty), Carmenere (25%, Lahey Vyd, Brownfield, Terry Cty), Cabernet Sauvignon (8.5%, Soleado Vyd, Seagraves, Gaines Cty), and Alicante Bouschet (8.5%, Diamante Doble Vyds, Tokio, Terry Cty).  From one of only two Texas vineyards growing Nero d’Avola, Newburg Vyd produces terrific fruit for the base of this popular wine that offers deep garnet color; aromas of cherries, bramble berries, leather, tobacco, cedar, and cinnamon with hints of violets & black peppercorns.  Flavors of ripe, cooked blackberries, brioche, and hazelnuts plus lovely balance and a slight tannic grip on the finish, lets this wine pair with turkey, ham, and game birds.  It also goes great with beef and TX BBQ!

From Lost Oak Winery by winemaker Jim Evans. 

Lost Oak Winery Holiday Red 2019 TX High Plains – This incredibly popular wine is back for 2019 as a blend of Merlot (50%, Diamante Doble Vyd, Tokio, TX, Terry County) and Ruby Cabernet (50%, Krick Hill Vyd, Levelland, TX, Hockley County).  This vintage weighs in at 14.3% ABV and just a hint of sweetness from 1.0% residual sugar.  With a dark, cranberry red color, this lovely red blend delivers aromas of fresh berries with notes of vanilla and sweet tobacco while vibrant berry flavors bring a wave of fruit over the palate.  This smooth tannins on a silky finish let this versatile blend complement traditional holiday fare – turkey or ham for Thanksgiving, tamales for Christmas Eve, and all your favorite side dishes & desserts.  Happy Holidays!

Lost Oak Winery Sweet Duet 2019 TX High Plains – This wine is perfect for those who prefer sweeter fare.  It combines Muscat Canelli (50%, Krick Hill Vyds, Levelland, TX, Hockley County) and Gewurztraminer (50%, Diamante Doble Vyd, Tokio, TX, Terry County).  At 13.5% ABV and 5% residual sugar, this wine offers vibrant aromatics of wildflower blossoms, peaches, and lychee fruits.  Flavors of white peach, pineapple, and hints of wildflower honey follow with a slight zestiness on the finish.  Pair with that honey baked ham, soft cheeses & buttery crackers, spicy seafood or chicken dishes, as well as many of the sweeter side dishes and desserts. 

From McPherson Cellars by winemakers Kim McPherson and Spenser Igo. 

McPherson Cellars Marsanne 2017 TX High Plains – This is one of my favorite white wines produced in Texas.  The fruit is Marsanne (100%, Timmons Estate Vineyard, Brownfield, TX, Terry County) produced at 13.9% ABV and bottled at 0.4% RS (essentially DRY).  Marsanne is primarily a blending grape in France’s Rhône Valley, but grown in the soil & sun of the Texas High Plains, it can stand alone as a delicious white varietal.  Aromas & flavors of fresh peach, white flower blossoms, citrus fruits, and notes of toasted almond and waxy honeycomb make this softly textured, rich wine pair beautifully with turkey, dressing, casseroles, mild cheeses, and yeast rolls with butter and peach preserves.  A bottle of this will be open on my Thanksgiving table!

McPherson Cellars Cinsault 2019 TX High Plains – This vineyard designated wine is 100% Cinsault from Farmhouse Vyds (Brownfield, TX, Terry County).  Produced with a touch of oak barrel aging at 13.1% and 0.2% RS (DRY), this red wine with softer character and easy drinkability will please most wine drinkers at your table.  Typically used as a blending grape or for rosé, Cinsault is well suited to the warm, dry Texas climate, producing fruity aromatics of cherry, red currant, and even dark red watermelon that will match beautifully with so many of your favorite holiday dishes. 


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