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February 19, 2020 | Cellar Scoop | 4.0 Insider

“It felt like serendipity”: Meet the Fritzes (the first in our series about our Wine Club members)

Ever had that feeling that you’re where you’re supposed to be? It’s a pretty great feeling. Jim and Laura Fritz felt it when they walked into 4.0 on July 4, 2013. That’s the day they first visited 4.0…and joined our Wine Club.

As it turns out, they’d driven past 4.0 many times before stopping in. A month earlier, they had purchased a house in Stonewall and had been busy with their new “fixer upper” when they (finally) decided to stop by 4.0 for a glass of wine. The rest is “club member history.”

The Fritzes are now regulars at 4.0. They drop by whenever they’re in town attending to their Stonewall guesthouse (Das Fritz Weinhaus, should you be looking for a great place to stay in the area), and they attend every Club Sunday, often joining a wine-loving group of other regulars. They don’t miss special events and count Casino Night (a case member event), the Winemakers’ Dinner, and the Wine and Dine Showcase among their favorites. Clearly, they appreciate good food and wine pairings.

When asked if they have a favorite 4.0 memory, they shared an incident that occurred during a Wine Club Sunday. They were sitting with a group that included Pat and Trellise Brennan when, toward the end of the day, a security guard approached the group to tell everyone that it was time to leave. Little did this guard know that he was speaking to one of our owners. Pat Brennan’s quick response? “I’ve been kicked out of worse places than this!”

When they’re not drinking wine or working at their tech jobs, Jim can be found rebuilding his 1967 Mercury Cougar (check out his vlog Muscle Car Therapy), and Laura can be found drumming and taking Pilates and yoga classes. They’re also parents to three sons (and a daughter-in-law) and grandparents to a seriously adorable, happy 10-month-old boy.

I know for a fact that more than a few people have joined our wine club based on the Fritzes’ recommendations. So, what keeps Jim and Laura coming back here and sharing 4.0 with others? First, they like our wines. While their favorites include Brennan’s W (Winemaker’s Choice) and Super Nero, McPherson’s Piquepoul Blanc, and Lost Oak’s Montepulciano, they appreciate that our wines just keep getting better.

Second, for the Fritzes, it’s all about the people at 4.0: “We feel more like friends and family than like customers. We just feel so lucky to be a part of this unique community of wine lovers in the Texas Hill Country, and 4.0 Cellars is one of the biggest reasons why. We belong to other wine clubs and visit other wineries, but none ever make us feel as special as we do when we walk through the doors at 4.0.”

Well, Jim and Laura, we feel pretty lucky, too, to have such fun and loyal wine club members. Thanks for sticking with our family all these years…we’ll see you soon!


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